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The 9mm ammo for sale is usually confused by its users if the 9mm Luger, 9mm NATO, 9mm Parabellum, or 9x19mm is the same ammo of which, yes, all of them are the same except for the NATO load being a little heavier. The 9mm Parabellum ammo has a bullet diameter of 9mm and a casing length of 19mm. Parabellum means “Prepare for War .” The 9mm ammo for sale is the most popular handgun cartridge in the world, with over 60% of it being used by law enforcement worldwide. This cartridge’s popularity is thanks to its effectiveness and efficiency in shot.      


George Luger, a DWM rifle designer, developed the 9mm Parabellum in 1902 as a service cartridge for a Semi-automatic DWM Luger pistol called the Pistole Parabellum, also known as Luger. The new ammunition produced was heavier and larger than previous handgun loads. This round was designed with accuracy, low recoil, and lightweight and because of its small size, handguns using 9mm ammo hold more rounds than firearms using bigger bullets. During WW1, submachine guns could take 9mm ammo, and on a battlefield, they shoot 900,9mm bullets in one minute.

In recent years, The bulk 9mm ammo is not only used by law enforcement as had been the case in past years, but it is also widely used by civilians.


  1. Unjacketed ammo is less powerful and slow because it has no outer bullet casing.
  2. Full Metal Jackets (FMJ). The 9mm FMJ round is used primarily for range and target shooting. This bullet type is encased in copper or hard metal.
  3. Jacket Hollow Point (JHP). This bullet has a hollow point inside with increased stopping power and bullet expansion on impact. The load is mostly used for self-defense by civilians and law enforcement officials.
  4. Open Tip Match (OTM) is an accurate and consistent cartridge ideal for target and competition shooting.
  5. Ballistic Tips. This round is a hollow point load with a plastic tip developed for pistol hunting, bringing distance and stopping power.


Besides the different load designs, bulk 9mm Ammo for sale has different load grain weights, max pressure, and casing. Most of the FMJ 9mm round weighs vary between 115 to 147 gr, general range loads weigh 115 gr, and the 9mm NATO weighs 124 gr. Some 9mm self-defense bullets go as high as 135 grain. In terms of pressure, all the cartridge types fire hotter, and due to high pressure, they have increased power.

The casings of the 9mm Ammunition are made from brass steel or aluminum.


With all the information provided, you may ask yourself, what is the best 9mm ammo? It will depend on the shooter’s needs, purpose, and preference to answer this question. For example, if you need a 9mm Ammo for target shooting, the FMJ round is ideal because it penetrates the target and is less costly. So knowing what you want to achieve with the ammo will help you make the right decision.


  1. Self-defense; the low recoil of this round makes it easy to handle and great for quick follow-up shots making it recommended for self-defense.
  2. Target shooting; The 9mm ammunition is excellent for target shooting due to its accuracy.
  3. Competition shooting; The 9mm ammo is suitable for competition shooting thanks to its tactical property of quick draw, speed, and defensive shooting.


  1. Availability; this round is readily available and easy to find
  2. Easy to use; the lightweight bullet results in low recoil, positively affecting the precision and enhancing the fast and easy recovery of shots. Thanks to its lightweight, it makes it easy to use by both experienced and new shooters.
  3. Affordable prices; The popularity of the 9mm ammunition and easy availability not only make it easy to obtain but equally makes it extremely cheap compared to other ammunition prices.
  4. Thanks to its small size, you can fit several in a magazine.
  5. The low recoil of this load increases its accuracy and the possibility of follow-up shots.
  6. More round. 9mm ammo’s small and light nature permits shooters to carry more loads. Its commonly said its better to have many bullets at hand because you don’t know when you will need them,


The 9mm ammo for sale is a cheap and reliable load ideal for self-defense and battlefield use because of its high impact power on the target. Get yourself bulk 9mm ammunition boxes and feel the experience of a high-impact load with lightweight. Order from bulk cheap ammo shop today and get incredible discounts.